Ad Sales

With the increasing fragmentation of audiences across channels and screens, advertisers are looking for ways to extend their reach and to transact TV advertising more like their digital campaigns. Programmatic TV advertising converts units to impressions, layering on data so that advertisers can buy specific audiences. Visible World’s HighYield™ provides the technology to allow MVPDs and cable and broadcast networks to sell their TV ad inventory programmatically.

HighYield™ handles RFP submission, proposal creation, inventory allocation and yield optimization, scheduling, insertion, pacing, and affidavit generation. The inventory holder sets business rules and controls to prevent sales channel conflict. Audiences may be targeted based off first or third party data at the DMA, cable zone, or even household level. The automated process makes programmatic TV sales easy, minimizing disruption.

For MVPDs, HighYield™ can also include household addressability through HighYield Precision. Visible World’s household solution is the most bandwidth efficient solution available for QAM-based systems. An RDK solution is also in development.