Case Studies

Case Study: Marketing

Comcast Reduces Versioning and Distribution Costs by 60%

Challenge: As Comcast corporate marketing was preparing for the launch of a new branding campaign, they were presented with a distribution challenge. What is the best way to distribute a large number of new and highly customizable broadcast assets while remaining compliant with SAG agreements and mitigating risk associated with rights management? The team needed a more efficient and automated alternative for digitally distributing spots to network affiliates and cross channel locations. Additionally, they wanted to prevent field marketers from reusing bits and pieces of the existing assets when creating their own locally produced spots.

Opportunity: Visible World Conductor addressed the need to electronically deliver all spots directly to the station, which also eliminated the risk of the field misusing pieces of the assets. The solution made it possible for spots to arrive next day, compared to the three to four day lead time previously required. It also enabled the field marketers to create as many as nine customized versions of each spot quickly and easily, compared to four versions in the past. These advanced customization capabilities enabled them to localize the spots and make the messages relevant to the audience of the local markets. The field was now also able to select the most appropriate call-to-action, price point and even product placement for their ad in seconds, all while retaining the look and feel of the corporate campaigns.

Results: Adoption rates for corporate creative continue to increase. “We are hearing from the field that they are actually waiting for us to upload spots into the dashboard as opposed to paying for a manual fulfillment option,” said Sean. In fact, field adoption of corporate-produced spots has grown from approximately 30% to a projected 95%. Corporate marketing can now ensure a consistent look and feel for campaigns deployed in the field, while the local field marketing teams gain access to the higher quality creativity developed by first tier agencies at a reasonable price. As importantly, Comcast has been able to achieve significant cost savings by using Conductor. “We have been able to reduce the costs for versioning and distribution by as much as 60%. With the help of Visible World we are able to streamline the versioning process, provide the field more flexibility in customizing their spots, and maintain brand equity all while saving costs. This effort has been a huge success for us,” said Sean McKenzie.

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