Zone-based Addressability

12 December 2012 | Blog

For a better understanding of how cable zone-based targeted TV advertising works, here’s an example:



Visible World offers the ability to deliver different messages down to specific cable zones. Advertisers identify neighborhoods based on custom segmentation strategies, and then deliver the most relevant messages for that audience.
Small Business Owners ad: We’ve been using the American Express plan card. Basically, anything we can put on that card, we do to take advantage of the early pay discount.
Creative Achievers ad: The annual fee for the first year is on us. And you can earn 10,000 bonus points with your first purchase. Start earning brilliantly.
Gen Y ad: Life leaves spaces for you to create in. Shouldn’t your card do the same? It can.
Frequent Travelers: Can your credit card let you check your first bag for free? My card can.
Products and offers can be tailored to different customer segments and optimized throughout the campaign. Zone addressable advertising will fundamentally change the way you think about TV.