Why Should Digital Agencies Consider TV?

06 November 2013 | Blog

A recent study from Nielsen and the ANA revealed that within three years, 50% of media budgets are expected to be devoted to multiscreen campaigns. This just caps off the drive towards integrated multichannel advertising over the last few months, most notably IPG’s Magna Consortium deal with Adap.TV. It’s clear that advertising is heading for increased coordination between traditional and digital siloes that have been kept separate in the past.

There are still plenty of screens available in the digital realm, as mobile and tablets continue to gain ground. And everyone is aware that with these multiple screens, viewers can watch TV anywhere at any time. Why should digital agencies consider making traditional TV part of their multiscreen campaigns? The fact is that linear TV is still the dominant form of entertainment. Nothing else has the same effective reach as television.

Today’s advertisers are demanding sophisticated, integrated campaigns across all platforms, both digital and traditional. The only way to get the reach they need is by including TV in the mix. As the biggest agencies in the world increasingly consolidate their branches to provide one-stop shopping, digital agencies will find themselves needing to dive into TV in order to win the business of today’s media-savvy marketers. Digital agencies partnered with online ad tech companies such as BrightRoll and YuMe to deliver their online video content. Now it’s time to find partners in the TV space to make those multiscreen campaigns as effective as possible.