Why Settle for a “Few Weeks in Advance” for Your TV Ad?

17 June 2014 | Blog

There’s been some recent celebration in the TV space over the ability predict audiences “a few weeks” off and to tailor ads and target them to specific audiences “a couple days in advance”. While this is certainly an improvement over TV’s standard operating procedure, we think advertisers deserve better.

For years now, Visible World has offered the ability to customize creative in minutes and target it for next-day delivery to an audience through a pre-made buy through our Conductor campaign management tools. And with our HighYield technology, our subsidiary AudienceXpress has been getting advertisers on the air with a day’s notice for months. Next-day reporting completes the picture.

Real-time marketing demands the ability to market in real-time. Just because a “few weeks” is an improvement doesn’t mean that advertisers should settle for a delay.