What Are We Watching Now?

03 June 2014 | Blog

The new Nielsen 2014 State of the Media report, as reported by MediaPost, shows some familiar patterns. Once again, traditional TV viewing dwarfs anything watched on any other platform.

Monthly time watching video

Compared with older Nielsen data, the amount of time watching TV in total has even increased since last year.


Monthly time watching content on tv

So the idea that mobile and digital video viewing is rapidly replacing TV viewership? Myth.

Another myth? That TV ads are regularly skipped. 94% of pre-roll ads may be skipped, but only 8% of TV ads get hopped. And that’s not even starting on the latest viewability scandals in online video.

To review: people watch more TV than anything else. More TV is being watched than ever before. And the vast majority of TV ads get viewed. When it comes to video advertising, TV is still the medium of choice.