Weisler Media: “Addressable Advertising Pushes the Television Evolution”

01 December 2014 | Blog, Industry Buzz

Charlene Wiesler covered last month’s NYC Television Week Advanced Advertising panels, which Visible World CEO Seth Haberman and CTO Gerrit Niemeijer had participated in. She writes,

…I believe that traditional TV itself needs to evolve from a spots and dots sales model to segmentation and proof of ROI. Addressable may facilitate traditional TV’s evolution especially as addressability rolls out to a more nationalized distribution and as television itself becomes more digital in the world of 100% smart TVs.

She goes on to discuss addressable and programmatic TV, Big Data, analytics, and the TV business model in general before concluding

Despite all of the hand wringing I believe that traditional television has succeeded for over 60 years because it responds to change and continuously evolves. There has always been competition from other platforms from radio and print to digital devices. While we continue to grapple with how to evolve the business model in this changing environment, new successful solutions will be found. As Adam Lowy of Dish concluded,“Eventually we will get there. TV is the first screen.” I agree.

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