Webinar Video: Creative Customization for Auto

13 November 2012 | Blog

We recently hosted a webinar on Creative Customization for the auto sector. If you missed it, here’s your chance to get caught up.



In this webinar, hosted by Hasan Rahim, we focus on how Visible World’s Conductor for Dynamic Video Customization makes it possible to create multiple versions of TV ads easily and quickly. Timing-driven campaign templates and built-in TV ad content management capabilities can be used to create multiple versions of TV ads, with new TV ad versions created in real time using your own pre-loaded library of spots, templates, and content assets. The Visible World Conductor platform allows you to upload and traffic finished TV spots and/or new creative, voiceover, tags, or other content to quickly switch featured ads. Automated video customization can reduce costs by 30% or more. Creative customization allows for flexibility, production efficiency, a unified corporate identity, and cost savings.