Visible World to Showcase Addressable TV Ads Using RDK STBs at INTX

30 April 2015 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links, Press Releases

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 30, 2015) –  Visible World, Inc., the leader in TV ad tech for effective yield management, announces that it will demonstrate the world’s first Household Addressable TV Advertising application on a Reference Design Kit (RDK) based set-top box, during a demonstration at the INTX 2015 conference, May 5-7, in Chicago. The demonstration will showcase Visible World’s unique ability to enable seamless switching between video streams to produce a superior video viewing experience when delivering household addressable TV advertising.

“Visible World continues to be a leader in the development of technologies that enable effective use of Household Addressable TV Advertising,” said Seth Haberman, Founder and CEO of Visible World. “RDK enables MVPDs to easily customize applications that can enhance viewer experience and serve as a powerful platform to accelerate the growth in deployment of Household Addressable TV Advertising. Our new application makes TV advertising more relevant for viewers, as well as more valuable for advertisers and MVPDs.”

“Visible World aims to leverage the advantages that the RDK provides in product development cycles and post-deployment in terms of speed to market and innovation,” said Gerrit Niemeijer, Chief Technology Officer of Visible World. “We’re happy with the ease of implementation, quality of output, and improved viewer experience that we now can support with RDK powered STBs.”

The RDK was created to accelerate the deployment of next-gen video products and services. The RDK provides a common interface to SoCs, acting like a “universal SoC adapter,” which enables the operator to focus and innovate at the revenue-generating services layer. To date, the RDK has been licensed by more than 25 cable, satellite and Telco providers globally, but its reach is far broader. Operators can either license the software directly, or receive the software through a third party, such as a set-top box supplier, system integrator, or software vendor. The RDK now has more than 220 licensees including, CE manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators, and TV service providers.

To schedule a meeting to see a demonstration of Visible World’s Household Addressable TV Advertising application running on RDK STBs, please contact Michael Malcy at

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