Visible World Sheds Light On Targeted Ad Effectiveness, Study Based On Billions Could Boost Perception Of TV

06 August 2013 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links

From MediaDailyNews by Joe Mandese

In a week that has begun with some troubling news for the value of traditional media outlets, an upbeat story is being released for at least one of them — television. While newer digital media outlets have some observers writing old school media off, television may be poised to extend its perception as the most effective ad medium, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis of billions of anonymous individual TV viewing records.

Actually, the study, which was commissioned by targeted TV advertising developer Visible World, matched 10 billion individual TV viewing records over an 18-month period, and found that the ones that included ads targeted at those individuals generated conversion rates that were 70% higher than overall campaign results.