Visible World Launches Smart TV Program Remind App with Top Media Companies on Board

12 September 2013 | Blog, Press Releases

National Geographic Channel becomes first client to use this unique Smart TV app that offers convenience for viewers and useful insights for TV networks; App launched on LG Smart TVs

NEW YORK–(Sept 11, 2013)–Visible World has formally launched the “Smart TV Program Remind App™,” which offers viewers an easy and reliable way to remember what they want to watch while providing TV programmers with useful insights to further enhance their program promotion efforts.

The National Geographic Channel became Visible World’s first Program Remind App client and in the process, helped further define some of the analytics reporting associated with the Smart TV Program Remind App. “Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App presents viewers with convenience, while delivering insights to help us further enhance our TV program promotion effectiveness,” said Lisa Clark, Senior Vice President of Media Strategy and Marketing Operations for National Geographic Channels. “We firmly believe that the growth of Smart TVs offers new opportunities to innovate and better understand the impact of our promotion efforts.” Brian Steinberg of Variety Magazine provides additional perspective from Courteney Monroe, the Chief Marketing Officer at National Geographic Channel as well.

LG Electronics is Visible World’s first Smart TV technology partner. The Smart TV Program Remind App will give LG Smart TV users a new way to manage their TV viewing, while delivering useful insights to marketers at TV networks. “With LG, it’s all possible. The Smart TV Program Remind App builds on LG’s interactive TV LivePlus technology to deliver another terrific benefit to LG Smart TV users,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President of Marketing for LG Electronics USA. “And, for TV program marketers, the Program Remind App allows for practical and timely insights for program promotion effectiveness.”

How it Works

Developed by Visible World, the Smart TV Program Remind App leverages Cognitive Networks’ cloud-based data service, Engage™, which is powered by Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology and provides real-time event triggers to application providers. Already deployed in LG’s LivePlus synchronous interactive TV platform, the Smart TV Program Remind App makes it easy for TV program marketers to display an interactive overlay on their program promotion spots. This overlay asks viewers if they want to set a reminder for an upcoming show and makes it even easier for viewers to, in turn, set the reminder for the promoted show—with just a single click of their TV remote.

If a viewer chooses to set a reminder, the Smart TV Program Remind App displays a friendly prompt just before the show is about to start. TV networks can remind viewers about a program they explicitly expressed interest in—a minute or two before the program is about to start—regardless of what channel they are watching. It will even work if they are playing games or viewing over-the-top content at the time of the program reminder.

Useful Insights

The Smart TV Program Remind App also serves to anonymously identify when an enabled Smart TV device is displaying a particular program promotion spot and whether the TV is later tuned in to that promoted show. This enables analytics that facilitate a better understanding of program promotion effectiveness, with related insights made available to programming clients and agencies via an interactive web-based reporting application. The Smart TV Program Remind App is able to track exposures regardless of whether the program promotion airs on national or local ad inventory and regardless of whether the content is viewed through broadcast, cable, satellite, or Telco distribution.

“Our goal in creating the Smart TV Program Remind App was to provide something valuable and easy to use for both viewers and TV program marketers,” said Claudio Marcus, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Research at Visible World. “We are excited to help spur innovation with this ground-breaking Smart TV application, and glad that it is being so well received by our TV network client and agency partners.”

Smart TV Program Remind App--Doomsday Castle

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