Visible World and SaysMe.TV Partner to Provide Viewers Ability to Personalize and Broadcast Television Ads Anytime, Anywhere

11 December 2008 | Press Releases

NEW YORK (December 11, 2008) – Visible World Inc., the leading end-to-end solutions provider for targeted and addressable TV advertising, and SaysMe.TV., the leading provider of consumer-driven television advertising, announced today that they have entered into a partnership that will allow individuals and small businesses to customize television advertisements and air them in specific markets at the times they choose.

The partnership integrates Visible World’s addressable advertising solutions with SaysMe.TV’s online user interface to ensure that customers’ television advertisements are customized, delivered and aired in the right market at the right time. Through Visible World’s intelliSpot Connect network, SaysMe.TV users now have more choices in the ads they want to personalize in addition to where and when their TV ads air. Consumers can create their ads and determine broadcast times online by visiting SaysMe.TV’s site or any of the company’s private label partners.

“Partnering with SaysMe.TV enables us to bring addressable targeted ad delivery services that we offer large advertisers, to individual consumers,” said Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World. “We are excited to enable consumers to become part of the process in the creation and distribution of television ads that are important to them.” Through this partnership, SaysMe.TV is able to expand its offerings beyond its roots in political and issues-focused TV advertisements. SaysMe.TV can now offer users TV ad personalization in the following categories: Personals/Classifieds, Religion/ Spirituality, Sports Rivalries and Local Business.

“Visible World and SaysMe.TV truly complement each other, and as partners in this effort, we will be able to seamlessly produce and air ads that change the face of TV. Together we empower every viewer with a way to voice their passions and influence their community on all the major cable networks,” said Lisa Eisenpresser, co-founder and CEO of SaysMe.TV.