Visible World and Cognitive Networks partner for Smart TV Program Remind App™

10 December 2012 | Press Releases

First of a kind Smart TV app offers convenience for viewers while empowering TV programmers with an intelligent, easy-to-implement, cloud-based solution that further enhances TV program promotion

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At today’s TV of Tomorrow conference in New York, Visible World and Cognitive Networks announced a solution that makes it easy for Smart TV viewers to set reminders for TV shows they are interested in watching. Leveraging Cognitive Networks’ Automated Content Recognition (ACR) solution which is currently being deployed by leading Smart TV manufacturers, Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App offers a simple and compelling way for TV programmers to further enhance their program promotion efforts.

Cognitive Networks’ advanced platform makes it possible for Smart TVs to recognize the content playing on their screens. Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App makes use of that ability to recognize TV program promotion content playing on a Smart TV to display an interactive overlay on the promotion spot, making it easy for the viewer to set a reminder for the promoted show—with a single click on their TV remote. If a viewer chooses to set a reminder, the Program Remind App displays a friendly reminder a minute before the show is about to start. TV programmers now have an intelligent way to remind viewers about a program they explicitly expressed interest in—just before the program is about to start—regardless of what channel they are watching. It will work even if they are playing games or viewing over-the-top content at the time of the program reminder.

“Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App presents viewers with convenience, while delivering incremental viewing and insights that further enhance TV program promotion effectiveness for TV programmers,” said Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World.

Growing at more than 20% per year, the global Smart TV market is expected to reach 220 million TVs by 2017. Deployment of ACR is expected to proliferate across Smart TV brands in the coming year. As Cognitive Networks’ ACR platform and Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App become more broadly deployed, the solution offers potential to reach a vast number of users. As important, Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App delivers relevant data-driven insights for TV programmers to further enhance their TV program promotion efforts. With U.S. deployment expected to reach several million, nationally distributed Smart TVs in 2013, the ability to generate statistically meaningful TV program promotion effectiveness reports on a timely basis is particularly attractive to TV program marketers.

“Cognitive Networks’ exclusive focus on an advanced ACR platform for Smart TVs has resulted in a solution designed to meet strict industry requirements, including usability, scale and performance targets critical for success,” said Michael Collette, CEO of Cognitive Networks. “The Smart TV Program Remind App brings forth an intelligent, cloud-based solution that is well poised to deliver significant and growing value for both viewers and TV programmers,” added Seth Haberman, CEO at Visible World.

About Cognitive Networks

Cognitive Networks partners with TV set manufacturers to enable content providers, advertisers, and others to provide greater engagement and interactivity to TV programming. Cognitive Networks’ automatic content recognition platform for Smart TVs identifies content displaying on Smart TVs and makes that information available to licensed third parties to allow them to send synchronized, targetable applications to enhance their content and advertising. More information can be found at

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Founded in 2000, Visible World is the leading provider of targeted television advertising solutions. The company’s suite of services enables advertisers, agencies, and media companies to deliver addressable, interactive, and measurable ads. Visible World already empowers over 300 advertisers to deliver more effective and more accountable campaigns to consumers in approximately 80% of US cable homes, and has begun to expand its capabilities to emerging video platforms. More information can be found at



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