Visible World Accepts Native High Definition Commercials, Improving Adtag® & Adcopy® Products

28 July 2011 | Press Releases

Improved ADTAG® & ADCOPY® Technology Enables True HD Spots to Run on HD Networks Across the Nation

NEW YORK– July 28, 2011 – Visible World, the first provider of national, addressable television advertising, announced today that it can create and deliver High Definition (HD) commercials so that advertisers can send customized messages to a rapidly-growing portion of TV audiences who watch HD networks.

The update to Adtag® / Adcopy® technology gives advertisers the ability to deliver high quality commercials to viewers watching HD television networks in 76 of the top 100 largest television markets. Prior to the roll out of the new technology, advertisers could only develop addressable ads in Standard Definition, requiring SD ads to be upconverted to HD resulting in the “letterbox” effect.

Visible World’s addressable TV technology enables brands, marketers, and advertising agencies to apply the most accurate and relevant TV audience demographic data to TV advertising campaigns. This technology allows advertisers to create ads that reflect the similarities or differences among a region and deliver messages that are most relevant  on the household or cable zone level. Visible World is working with the nation’s leading cable providers, brands, and advertising agencies to reach more than 55 million cable households with the technology, which increasingly includes HD networks. Recent Nielsen Company data shows that of the 289 million Americans who watched TV in their home in the first quarter of 2011, some 80 million were watching on an HDTV.

“High definition television commercials take up tremendous bandwidth to deliver, but we have enhanced our Gateways to enable seamless delivery,” said Visible World CEO Seth Haberman. “Now with Adtag and Adcopy technology, advertisers have the power to seamlessly create and deliver multiple segments to audiences in the format that looks best on their TV.”

Visible World is the Adtag & Adcopy service provider for the nation’s leading multi-system cable providers. Adtag allows advertisers take a single commercial and customize it, making it more relevant to an audience based on a geographic location. For example, a retail store with several locations across a region, can “tag” the address or telephone number of each location based on where the segment is shown. Adcopy allows advertisers to simultaneously run different spots within a campaign, across separate zones in a market or region. With Adcopy, an auto manufacturer for example, can concurrently show ads for a fuel-efficient sedan in the city, a minivan in the suburbs, and a rugged truck in rural areas.

“Visible World continues to make it easy for anyone to make the most effective use of their advertising campaigns by matching the right message to the right TV audiences – and now our customers are able to do that in high-definition,” Haberman said.

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Founded in 2000, Visible World is the leading provider of addressable television advertising solutions. The company’s suite of services enables advertisers, agencies, and media companies to deliver addressable, interactive, and measurable ads. Today, Visible World empowers over 200 advertisers to deliver more effective and more accountable campaigns to consumers in approximately 80% of U.S. cable television households.