Upcoming Events – Fall 2014

28 October 2014 | Blog

We have a busy month ahead of us, with several appearances coming up. Find out where you can learn more about Visible World, programmatic TV platforms, and targeted TV advertising.



Over The Top Video Executive Summit

Tuesday, Nov 11

New York

3:00-3:30PM The State of TV/Video Advertising

Seth Haberman will be joining a panel about the future of advertising.

As TV consumers change how they watch and pay for TV content, advertisers are changing how they approach advertising to better control and magnify their brands. Some are embracing streaming, mobile TV, and social media as ways to project their brands to the widest audience. Others are looking at ways to more directly engage consumers. These methods include new forms of interactive and chapterized YouTube videos, and brand companies creating their own Roku channels with content customized for their communities. How might this upset the TV advertising apple cart?


nyc tv week


Thursday, Nov 13

New York

9:10-9:55 Bull’s-Eye! How Addressability is Putting Ads on Target

Gerrit Niemeijer speaks about addressability.

After years of trials and fits and starts, targeted advertising has begun to take hold in the pay-TV industry, aiming to deliver more engaging, higher-value messages to the video viewing masses. But will it deliver on that promise? During this session, experts in the advanced advertising field will discuss the current state of addressable advertising on the traditional set-top as well as multiscreen devices, the business drivers behind those efforts, offer lessons learned from past deployments, and deliberate the technology and operational challenges that still remain.

10:40-11:25 Will Programmatic TV Automate the Future of Advertising?

Viewed as a complement to today’s more manual, face-to-face driven TV advertising industry, more automated, “programmatic” systems have begun to expand from their web roots to reach the television screen, potentially opening up an explosive, new marketplace for ad buyers and sellers. Seeking to separate the hype from the reality, this panel will seek to define programmatic TV advertising and offer a glimpse into how this method is being applied to online video as well as more traditional pay-TV platforms. Panelists will also debate and discuss whether programmatic TV will threaten the traditional, relationship-driven way TV advertising is mostly bought and sold today.

  • Seth Haberman, Founder & CEO, Visible World
  • Mark Lieberman, President & CEO, Viamedia
  • Steve Marshall, CEO, Invision
  • Dave Morgan, CEO and Founder, Simulmedia
  • Joshua Summers, CEO and Co-Founder, Clypd



Television of Tomorrow

Tuesday, December 9

New York

What Does the Child of the Internet and TV Advertising Look Like?

The TV/digital convergence is coming. But when they combine, what will that offspring look like? Whose genes will it inherit? What are the defining characteristics that need to be preserved for the sake of big TV advertisers, and what can be shed to appeal to a more digital-savvy audience?

An in depth discussion of the coming convergence with the leaders in advertising, moderated by Seth Haberman.