Top Lessons from Advertising Week

07 October 2014 | Blog

ad weekLast week was Advertising Week in New York. In the usual deluge of panels, we thought a couple key themes stood out.

  1. Programmatic is mainstream. Two years ago, barely anyone knew what programmatic meant. Now, not only was an entire track basically devoted to programmatic advertising, the term popped up everywhere you went. It’s no longer for early adopters; now, if you aren’t figuring out how to integrate programmatic buying and selling with your systems, you’re already behind. In another few years, expect the hoopla to die down. Not because programmatic will go away, but because it will be so standard that it’s no longer a big topic of conversation. It will just be the way we all do business.
  2. People still don’t fully agree on what programmatic is. While the definitions are getting closer, there’s still some debate. Most agree at this point, though, that programmatic requires data-driven decisions and automated processes to transact media sales.
  3. We need a common currency. As advertisers increasingly break down siloes and expect campaigns to span across channels and platforms, we need a way to track performance across those channels and platforms.
  4. Data itself is becoming a currency. Over and over, panelists floated the idea of data as a currency. Exactly how to make the crucial connections is still to be determined.
  5. TV is still king, but continues to converge with digital. And with these multiplatform campaigns, TV’s power to drive digital effectiveness and vice versa ensures that the two will only continue to become intertwined in the future. TV needs the ad tech tools to both compete with and work with digital media.