Things We’re Thankful For

19 November 2012 | Blog

Since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, it’s always nice to take a moment to reflect on some of the things we’re thankful for from the past year.

The most obvious one for us at Visible World is that our office didn’t get swept out to sea in the hurricane. Instead, we were physically back open Wednesday and, thanks to some superhuman efforts by our dedicated staff, never stopped serving our clients. Given how much damage others sustained, we’re incredibly grateful.

We’re also thankful for the increased recognition that advanced TV advertising has been getting this year. We personally served our 2 billionth addressable impression all the way back in May. Meanwhile, plenty of others in the field are embracing the possibilities household addressable advertising offers. Earlier this week at the Advanced Advertising panel, George Shababb of Kantar Media Audiences declared that addressable advertising is “alive and well and open for business”. With DirecTV and others pushing hard for adoption across the ecosystem, the future of addressable advertising never looked better.

Visible World’s eggs aren’t all in one basket, though. We have some new partnerships that will be announced in the coming weeks that we’re pretty enthusiastic about. So keep watching this space after the holiday for some really exciting announcements. For now, no peeking!

We hope that you have just as much to be thankful for. Have a great Thanksgiving!