The Tricky Part: Using Real-time Data in Real Time

21 January 2014 | Blog

An article called “Real-Time Analytics Are In (And It Might Keep You From Being Out)” talks about the importance of analytics when dealing with automated real-time data reporting. Writer Tyler Loechner notes:

Regardless, it’s clear how data like this can and will be used to make important decisions; it’s just up to the marketer to actually take action. As Russ Ayres of IXI put it: there’s a considerable difference between real-time decisioning and real-time action.

Getting access to real-time marketing data is exciting. But Loechner has an important point—most of the advantage is lost unless you have the ability to act on that data while it’s still fresh. That requires systems that not only let you monitor your campaign’s performance every day, but that let you make changes on the fly to respond to what you learn. And while automated systems are incredibly important, but the human touch is still necessary to make the creative decisions necessary to match the relevant messages necessary to truly resonate with an audience.

Real-time reporting has the potential to change the way we think about marketing. But the full power is only unlocked in the hands of experienced planners with the tools necessary to adapt as the data rolls in.