The Next Step for Visible World: Joining One of the Most Innovative Media and Technology Companies in the Country

04 June 2015 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links, Press Releases

Author: Seth Haberman, CEO

Our mission has always been to develop innovative, industry-leading technology that makes TV advertising more efficient and effective. We’ve built a terrific team and our employees have played a major role in helping Visible World accomplish a great deal in a short period of time. As the industry continues to evolve and expand, we’ve also looked for new opportunities to change, expand, strengthen and position our business for future success.

So today, I am thrilled to announce that we have found the perfect partner to help us achieve our goals and help us take our business and services to the next level: Visible World has signed an agreement to be acquired by Comcast.

For more than a decade, we have been focused on developing a portfolio of solutions that offer a wide variety of services to a wide range of customers. Comcast’s investment in our business will accelerate our ability to deliver on our vision and provide more open and efficient systems that will encourage more valuable and collaborative relationships across the TV ecosystem.


Here is what Comcast had to say today:

“Visible World is a dynamic company and a real complement to our existing advanced advertising initiatives. Visible World offers a diverse spectrum of services that serve a variety of needs across the television advertising landscape,” said John Schanz, Executive Vice President and Chief Network Officer for Comcast Cable. “This partnership reflects the business and technology trends we are seeing in the television industry today. We look forward to helping the talented Visible World team expand and accelerate their business and create more value for distributors, advertisers, agencies, programmers and affiliates.”


Comcast brings a balanced perspective to both advertising and distribution. Comcast’s continued investment in new ad technologies has enabled it to lead the industry amid rapid change. By embracing and accelerating these changes, together we will unlock the critical value of targeting, measurement, optimization and accountability for advertisers, agencies, networks and distributors.

As Comcast has done with many other technology companies it has acquired, Comcast plans for Visible World to operate as an independent business and to continue to design innovative technology and services like those it has developed for its existing customers and to continue to do business with our existing customers and grow our customer base.

We look forward to continuing to play an important role within the TV ecosystem and are excited to join the Comcast family.

This is a truly great day for our company and I want to thank you all for your incredible contributions over the past fifteen years…and the many more to come!