The Benefits of Programmatic

01 July 2014 | Blog

What are agencies and marketers looking for in programmatic buying? It turns out that they’re chasing different benefits.

A new study by Purch sheds some light on the reasons that buyers are turning to programmatic advertising. They note,

Agencies and marketers find different benefits in programmatic. Agencies are more attracted to increased efficiencies in buying premium inventory than marketers (46 percent versus 36 percent), while marketers are more attracted to reaching targets without waste (45 percent versus 24 percent).

It’s a difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Agencies are looking to streamline their operations, getting more purchasing power with fewer operational costs. Marketers, on the other hand, are also interested in saving money but are most focused on getting their message to the most relevant audience.

Fortunately, programmatic selling offers both sets of benefits. Automation reduces workloads and increases the efficiency of the ad buy. Optimization makes the ads more powerful by targeting them to the correct audience. In both cases, programmatic advertising increases the value of the inventory.