Television One Zero

16 September 2013 | Industry Buzz

From TV Board:

by Stacy Lynn Schulman

Recently, eMarketer released a report touting digital’s coming of age.  Haven’t you heard?  In 2014, digital media usage is predicted to eclipse television usage?   Astounding, considering that there is a three-year trend of increasing TV usage informing this unprecedented and highly anticipated decline.

Full disclosure: In my current role as chief research officer at TVB, I take the health and welfare of television seriously – but not at the expense of good research.  In fact, it was only two years ago that the Council for Research Excellence and Ball State University released its seminal Video Mapping Study that proved conclusively that respondents overstate their consumption of digital media like the Internet and understate their viewing of television.

Not convinced?  Ask yourself, could you accurately report down to the minute how much time you spent with TV, mobile and the Internet yesterday?  What if you were on the Internet via your fancy new IPTV-enabled TV set?  Or you watched the local news on your mobile app?  Or shared a clip from “America’s Got Talent” with your friends on Facebook?  Is it time spent with TV or is it time spent with digital?