Targeted TV Advertising – More than a fairy tale

02 March 2012 | Blog

There once lived a powerful ruler, the Chief Marketing Officer or CMO, who directly and through key lieutenants relied on the help of specialists to communicate with consumers and prospects far and wide.  He relied on Poets to create messages that would please his mass audiences. He relied on Quants to figure out efficient ways to broadcast his messages. And even though the CMO was hardly aware of them, he also relied on Minions to get the messages out to the people he wanted to reach.

The Poets relished in their craft of messaging. The Quants aimed for efficient ways to reach the people.  Both were affected deeply by a powerful spell of specialization that had taken over the land. As such, the Poets really did not particularly care about the work of the Quants, and the Quants pretty much ignored the work of the Poets. And the Minions just made sure that the work got out, not caring a whole lot about what the messages had to say or who they were aimed for.

One day, an emissary from Visible World arrived to share a vision of more effective communications that would eventually spread all over cable lands and beyond. He first approached the Poets, suggesting technology could make their messages more potent, but they found it hard to believe any such thing. He then approached the Quants, only to be told that their focus was on audiences, not on the messages. He even reached out to the Minions, offering new ways to make their work more bearable, but they worried that if life was too easy for them, far fewer Minions would be needed. On the odd occasion that the stranger from Visible World got an audience with the CMO or one of his lieutenants, they were too busy or too distracted to really listen. And so, the emissary was told to come back some other time, or to reach out to the Poets or the Quants.

One particularly bright day, the visionary from the Visible World managed to get some quality time with the CMO and discussed with him the serious predicament that was getting in the way of more efficient and effective communication with his millions of consumers and prospects. He pointed out to the CMO that the Quants can efficiently reach broad masses, but find that it is expensive to reach more targeted consumers or prospects. The Poets realize that their messages reach all sorts of people, so they just keep trying to make them entertaining, interesting and informative. And the Minions are just glad to get their job done, and largely lack the capacity to deal with more targeted messages.

The answer to this great quandary, the emissary from Visible World professed, requires for the CMO and his lieutenants, along with the Poets, Quants, and even some Minions, to acknowledge each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and together figure out how to embrace a solution that makes it possible to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns. A solution so easy that Poets grow to appreciate its simplicity, and so clear that Quants begin to understand how targeted messages enhance what they already do. And so plain, that even ordinary Minions marvel at the super power that makes getting more targeted messages to all sorts of audiences as easy as it once was to send out mass communications.

Behind the vision from the emissary from Visible World was some truly magical technology that enabled a powerful and simple solution. Beyond the ability to use big data to figure out which messages are best suited for each target segment, the system literally took over the job of making sure all of the targeted messages got to their destinations: easier, faster, and with more precision than ever before.

The CMO was intrigued by the logic and practical demonstration from the visitor from Visible World. But he sought proof and asked for evidence of prior results. The emissary from Visible World shared with him that the major barons of cable land, as well as other highly regarded brand lords, had found that using more targeted messages delivered double-digit improvements in achieving desired results.

And so the powerful CMO embarked on a quest to reach his many consumers and desired prospects using these new abilities. He encouraged his lieutenants, Poets, Quants, and even a few Minions, to put it to a test. And with the help of folks from Visible World, they began tapping the newfound capabilities. In just a few months, the CMO could see that he had made a wise decision. The more targeted approach made the Poets’ messages more effective than ever before. It also allowed the Quants to continue reaching mass audiences as efficiently as in any recent times.  And the Minions were happy to see that they could get their work done, so much easier and faster that it was possible to get far more relevant messages to their destined audiences. And the CMO, well, he was the happiest of all, as he now realized that his relationships with millions of consumers and prospects were set to grow and prosper.

If you would like to learn why targeted TV advertising is so much more than a fairy tale, please let us know and we will send an emissary from Visible World.