Targeted TV Advertising as Reality

21 February 2013 | Blog

Blanketing TV ads across the most popular network and time slots, while common practice since the dawn of TV advertising, is inherently inefficient. Unfortunately, until recently, advertisers didn’t have much of an option. As of late, with the advent of targeted TV ads, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness with TV advertising no longer seems like shooting for the moon.

Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer Global of GroupM, in a recently posted blog on, alluded to the fact that there is a two-sided problem with recent  targeted TV advertising developments. He presents the problem with the “future of distribution” that is currently upon us being the ability to efficiently and creatively produce ads that will take full advantage of targeting capabilities.

It’s true that creating multiple TV ads has always had its problems—producing new content for spot after spot is expensive and time consuming—but advances in dynamic video customization applications like those developed by Visible World are enabling advertisers to take advantage of targeted TV advertising. It’s no longer a cumbersome or expensive process to create multiple versions of TV ads for targeting to different audiences or geographies.

To Norman’s point, the TV advertising industry was in dire need of more effective metrics and reporting methods. Now, advertisers can use technological advances to make TV and video ad customization more efficient, and in doing so, take their TV advertising to new levels of effectiveness. Paired with the abilities to better track, report, and measure impressions, targeted TV advertising is no longer a theoretical advantage—it’s a real one.