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Frequency: What Makes It Effective?

10 June 2014 | Blog

A recent iMedia Connection article by Andrew Shebbeare had the provocative title “Everything You Know About Frequency Is Wrong”. It’s a pretty strong statement. The article itself talks about digital programmatic advertising’s ability to help control frequency problems. As we all know, a certain amount of frequency is required to build familiarity to the point […]

Splitting Heavy and Light TV Viewers—The Case for Frequency Capping

26 November 2013 | Blog

In an Ad Age post “Fixing Ad Repetition: Let’s Split the Stream to Heavy and Light TV Viewers”, Robert Norcross brings up the issue of overexposure for heavy TV viewers. He notes: The third of the audience that watches the most TV accounts for about two-thirds of all ad impressions, and they frequently see ads […]

Americans Fed Up with Bad Ads

07 May 2013 | Industry Buzz

From Research Brief: “According to InsightsOne, with Harris Interactive, Americans Are Fed Up With Bad Ads, 87% of American adults 18 and over are putting their foot down on the number of irrelevant ads they are willing to see before they ignore a company completely.” Read more:

Another Way to Avoid Wear-Out

13 February 2013 | Blog

In a recent MediaPost VideoInsider article, “How to Avoid Video Commercial Wear-Out,” Neil Perry discusses the dangers of overplaying a spot until viewers become annoyed rather than intrigued by the product. Perry offers a couple of ways to get around commercial wear-out. He suggests having the discipline to not over-air TV spots along with the […]