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Will Digital Video Steal TV’s Lunch?

09 September 2014 | Blog

TV's lunch

Online video is huge, and getting bigger. The advent of programmatic buying has only made digital video advertising easier than ever to buy and manage, adding fuel to the fire. The growth in programmatic sales has been impressive—estimates of the amount of pre-roll video available for programmatic buying show increases around 14% from Q1 to […]

Does TV Get a Disproportionate Ad Spend?

15 July 2014 | Blog

For a while now, it’s been fashionable in digital circles to complain that TV gets a disproportionate amount of ad spend dollars. TV is overpriced, they claim, and dying as well. Digital is a more efficient way to reach audiences. They shake their heads at the folly of hide-bound marketers stuck in ancient ways of […]

What Are We Watching Now?

03 June 2014 | Blog

The new Nielsen 2014 State of the Media report, as reported by MediaPost, shows some familiar patterns. Once again, traditional TV viewing dwarfs anything watched on any other platform. Compared with older Nielsen data, the amount of time watching TV in total has even increased since last year.   So the idea that mobile and […]

Why Are Digital Companies Advertising on TV?

28 May 2014 | Blog

Rosanna Pansino is on TV. So are Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota, some of YouTube’s top content creators, in a series of television ads promoting YouTube. But wait. You thought digital advertising was the future. So why is YouTube, along with Google, Amazon, and the other top internet players, advertising on TV? A recent Bernstein […]