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Remember Google TV Ads? We Sure Do

25 January 2016 | Blog, Industry Buzz

Back in 2009, Google came to our offices in Midtown, NYC with a special request.  Little did we know at the time, this “little” request would be a major contributing factor to the rise of the programmatic TV industry. The request?  They wanted to use Visible World’s automated proprietary technology, deployed across all major MVPD’s […]

Why Can’t the Conversation Be About Television AND Digital (Not ‘Or’)?

10 December 2015 | Blog, Industry Buzz

What’s the greatest thing to happen to digital advertising?  Linear television (and vice-versa). Surprised?  You shouldn’t be. Even through the continuous fragmentation of devices, TV has been able to hold its own when compared to digital.  But the truth is, television and digital don’t want to be compared, they want to be united. With a […]

iMedia Breakthrough Summit’s Programmatic Parts Unknown

03 November 2015 | Blog, Industry Buzz

iMedia journeyed into hot waters during this year’s Breakthrough Summit by focusing on Programmatic.  Needless to say, we were excited about the subject and the opportunity to lead the Programmatic Bootcamp! Our very own Founder & CEO, Seth Haberman, hosted the Bootcamp which brought brand marketers and agency executives together to discuss content and creativity […]

MediaDailyNews: “Ch-Ch-Ch Changes: Tomorrow’s TV”

17 December 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

Charlene Weisler gives a great recap of the Television of Tomorrow conference. Among the trends she saw, she includes the question Is Programmatic Destined to Include TV? Can we expect programmatic to expand to television any time soon? Visible World’s Seth Haberman says this has already happened. Read the full article.

Weisler Media: “Addressable Advertising Pushes the Television Evolution”

01 December 2014 | Blog, Industry Buzz

Charlene Wiesler covered last month’s NYC Television Week Advanced Advertising panels, which Visible World CEO Seth Haberman and CTO Gerrit Niemeijer had participated in. She writes, …I believe that traditional TV itself needs to evolve from a spots and dots sales model to segmentation and proof of ROI. Addressable may facilitate traditional TV’s evolution especially […]