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Fear of Efficiency

25 November 2014 | Blog

One of the promises of both addressability and audience-based targeting is an increase in the efficiency of media. When it’s possible to reach exactly the audience a marketer is looking for, it’s no longer necessary to buy broadly in the hopes that your audience is in there somewhere. This promise has made many inventory holders […]

Closing the Loop

21 October 2014 | Blog

Close the loop on attribution

For a long time, marketers were resigned to measuring their impact indirectly. If your ad ran during a show that Nielsen said was watched by 10 million people, well, that’s how many people you assumed saw your ad. If your sales over the next month were 2% higher and you hadn’t done anything else, well, […]

Plays Well With Others: Cross-platform Advertising

14 October 2014 | Blog

Plays well with others

One of the key ideas from last month’s Advertising Week was the increased emphasis on multi-platform advertising. The old silos are breaking down. At one panel, advertisers nearly laughed at the idea of doing a TV campaign without an accompanying digital and social campaign. The future is integrating across channels and platforms to form a […]

Striking Back Against Fragmentation

16 September 2014 | Blog

The fragmentation of the media landscape is obvious. From the growing number of cable networks to the ever diversifying number of platforms online, we have more options than ever before. Which means, of course, that it’s increasingly difficult to reach everyone with a simple buy. Fortunately, we have an array of tools available to help. […]