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Making a List, Checking It Twice

09 December 2014 | Blog


Santa delivers presents to individual households around the world. For years, advertisers have wished they could have that level of precision for delivering their TV ads. Could 2015 be the year this particular item gets scratched off the wish list? Household addressability has been a hot topic this year. As more advertisers like Madison Square […]

Fear of Efficiency

25 November 2014 | Blog

One of the promises of both addressability and audience-based targeting is an increase in the efficiency of media. When it’s possible to reach exactly the audience a marketer is looking for, it’s no longer necessary to buy broadly in the hopes that your audience is in there somewhere. This promise has made many inventory holders […]

Targeting Lessons from the High Line

22 July 2014 | Blog

Audience targeting on the High Line

Near the Visible World offices runs the High Line, an old elevated railway that was converted to a park. It’s a popular spot, and on a sunny day, one that’s consistently full of people. Now, this is New York. And the High Line connects a diverse set of neighborhoods—warehouses, galleries, apartment towers, business districts. So […]

A Virtuous Circle

08 July 2014 | Blog

Feedback loops are found everywhere. Biology, programming, climate science, electrical engineering. Nature has always used self-regulating mechanisms, and we’ve copied the technique into our own technology. The idea is simple. If you couple the output of a system back to the input, you can regulate the system as a whole. There are two kinds of […]