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re/code: “Expect a Seismic Shift in Video Consumption”

28 February 2014 | Industry Buzz

Mitch Barns, the CEO of Nielsen, had an interesting article on the future of TV consumption. After discussing the convergence of digital TV, he notes: Some frame this in a “TV is dead” metaphor. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We access more content now than ever before: The average American consumes nearly 60 […]

More on the Importance of Big Data and Segmentation

13 August 2013 | Blog

We were fascinated to see the results of our Big Data research reveal a 70% lift in conversions when the advertiser used targeted TV ads instead of sending the same ads to everyone. But we’re not the only one who’s noticed the importance of data and segmentation in marketing these days. A recent Blue Kai […]

Demographic Shifts Require Better Targeting

11 July 2013 | Blog

It’s been fairly well reported that America’s demographics are shifting, with multicultural segments outpacing the old white majority. As America’s viewers look increasingly diverse, it’s time for advertising to stop focusing on reaching a single majority. In a TVBoard article “Local Television in 2018: Evolving with Shifting Audience Demos”, Farshad Family puts the emphasis on […]

Local Television In 2018: Evolving With Shifting Audience Demos

26 June 2013 | Industry Buzz

From TVBoard by Farshad Family: Over the next five years, the local TV audience will be increasingly multicultural and multiscreen. Trends highlight that local audiences are changing rapidly as they seek information that connects with them both culturally and digitally. Read more:

Age is Just a Number

17 January 2013 | Blog

Back in December, Les Moonves and Irwin Gotlieb went head-to-head on whether the target demographic should be updated or not. 18-49 has long been the purported magic bucket for many advertisers. Moonves, however, objected—as Weisler Media reported, “his opinion is that it is time that 50 year olds get recognized because they have more buying […]