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Video: MVPD Schedule Optimizer

16 July 2013 | Blog

MVPD Schedule Optimizer video

One of our newest offerings is for MVPD marketers. The MVPD Schedule Optimizer makes it easy for MVPDs to make the most of their marketing efforts by allocating the most effective ad inventory to their internal marketing campaigns. In today’s video, learn more.

Video: Household Addressability

09 July 2013 | Blog

Last week, we introduced a video about Conductor for Video CRM, which allows the management of household addressable TV ad campaigns. But how does household addressability work? The videos on the Homepage and in the Benefits section both give some explanation. But we also have a new video created for the Cable Show about Household […]

Video: Conductor for Video CRM

01 July 2013 | Blog

Interested in managing household addressable tv advertising campaigns? Visible World’s Conductor for Video CRM is the answer. In today’s video, learn more about how it works.

Video: Conductor Video Platform

27 June 2013 | Blog

Conductor Video Platform video

The Conductor Video Platform is the platform from which nearly all of Visible World’s products run. This basis for buying and selling targeted TV advertising includes a number of applications for video customization, ad targeting, inventory management, and more. Learn about how the Conductor Video Platform makes delivering video content easier, faster, and smarter.