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Plays Well With Others: Cross-platform Advertising

14 October 2014 | Blog

Plays well with others

One of the key ideas from last month’s Advertising Week was the increased emphasis on multi-platform advertising. The old silos are breaking down. At one panel, advertisers nearly laughed at the idea of doing a TV campaign without an accompanying digital and social campaign. The future is integrating across channels and platforms to form a […]

Will Digital Video Steal TV’s Lunch?

09 September 2014 | Blog

TV's lunch

Online video is huge, and getting bigger. The advent of programmatic buying has only made digital video advertising easier than ever to buy and manage, adding fuel to the fire. The growth in programmatic sales has been impressive—estimates of the amount of pre-roll video available for programmatic buying show increases around 14% from Q1 to […]

Ad Exchanger: “Cable, Distributor-Caliber Metrics At The Advertiser Level Will Reinvent TV Ad Buys”

05 March 2014 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links

AdExchanger ran a great interview with Seth Haberman yesterday, covering topics from the Comcast-Time Warner acquisition to scaling addressability to cross-platform measurement. On the future of addressability: What addressability does is provide more precision. It provides the ability of those advertisers to titrate their offers very effectively and make them more relevant and add new […]

re/code: “Expect a Seismic Shift in Video Consumption”

28 February 2014 | Industry Buzz

Mitch Barns, the CEO of Nielsen, had an interesting article on the future of TV consumption. After discussing the convergence of digital TV, he notes: Some frame this in a “TV is dead” metaphor. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We access more content now than ever before: The average American consumes nearly 60 […]

The News on Cross-Platform Media

27 June 2013 | Blog

Cross-Platform Media Use and the NBC Nightly News

In a USA TouchPoints analysis recently published on MediaPost, NBC Nightly News was used to get a picture of how viewers are using different platforms before, during, and after the program during a normal week. Obviously there’s some pro-TV bias here; network evening news is about as old-school TV as one can get. Of course […]