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Versioning for Voters

04 November 2014 | Blog

Ballots for political advertising

It’s election day! For the last few months, TV inventory holders have had a torrent of political ads flowing through their systems. In the last several cycles, the business has been changing, though. The rise of Big Data and targeted TV advertising has led to political consultants amassing as much data as possible and targeting […]

Apex CoVantage: “Content, Media Experts Applaud the Rise of Video”

28 July 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

A recent whitepaper from Apex CoVantage cites Visible World CEO Seth Haberman as an “industry visionary.” In it, he discusses Visible World’s revolutionary approach to creative customization. Visible World CEO Seth Haberman in 2000 saw more bandwidth coming to the home, with digital cable, and so he set about innovating customized video advertising. He developed […]

A Virtuous Circle

08 July 2014 | Blog

Feedback loops are found everywhere. Biology, programming, climate science, electrical engineering. Nature has always used self-regulating mechanisms, and we’ve copied the technique into our own technology. The idea is simple. If you couple the output of a system back to the input, you can regulate the system as a whole. There are two kinds of […]

Video: Conductor Video Platform

27 June 2013 | Blog

Conductor Video Platform video

The Conductor Video Platform is the platform from which nearly all of Visible World’s products run. This basis for buying and selling targeted TV advertising includes a number of applications for video customization, ad targeting, inventory management, and more. Learn about how the Conductor Video Platform makes delivering video content easier, faster, and smarter.

Visible World Announces Licensing Agreement with Adobe

11 June 2013 | Blog, Industry Buzz, Press Releases

Adobe After Effects Software Now Integral Component of Visible World’s Cloud-based Targeted TV, Online and Mobile Video Ad Platform The Cable Show 2013 WASHINGTON–(June 11, 2013)–At The Cable Show this week in Washington DC, Visible World announced a licensing agreement with Adobe to leverage Adobe® After Effects® software as an integral component of Visible World’s […]