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re/code: “Expect a Seismic Shift in Video Consumption”

28 February 2014 | Industry Buzz

Mitch Barns, the CEO of Nielsen, had an interesting article on the future of TV consumption. After discussing the convergence of digital TV, he notes: Some frame this in a “TV is dead” metaphor. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We access more content now than ever before: The average American consumes nearly 60 […]

Splitting Heavy and Light TV Viewers—The Case for Frequency Capping

26 November 2013 | Blog

In an Ad Age post “Fixing Ad Repetition: Let’s Split the Stream to Heavy and Light TV Viewers”, Robert Norcross brings up the issue of overexposure for heavy TV viewers. He notes: The third of the audience that watches the most TV accounts for about two-thirds of all ad impressions, and they frequently see ads […]

More on the Importance of Big Data and Segmentation

13 August 2013 | Blog

We were fascinated to see the results of our Big Data research reveal a 70% lift in conversions when the advertiser used targeted TV ads instead of sending the same ads to everyone. But we’re not the only one who’s noticed the importance of data and segmentation in marketing these days. A recent Blue Kai […]

TV Poised to Extend its Rule as Greatest Advertising Medium

06 August 2013 | Blog, News Links, Press Releases

Big Data research reveals on-target TV ads are 70% more effective than overall TV campaign results New York, August 6, 2013—While the growth in digital advertising has led some pundits to caution that TV advertising is falling behind in terms of its marketing impact, the results of a ground-breaking research initiative involving more than 10 […]