Striking Back Against Fragmentation

16 September 2014 | Blog

FragmentationThe fragmentation of the media landscape is obvious. From the growing number of cable networks to the ever diversifying number of platforms online, we have more options than ever before. Which means, of course, that it’s increasingly difficult to reach everyone with a simple buy.

Fortunately, we have an array of tools available to help. TV is increasingly taking cues from digital, bringing new sophistication to a more established industry.

The key is targeting. Instead of one single TV ad buy to blanket the population, marketers can now pinpoint their most likely customers and deliver ads to the audiences with the highest propensity to buy. There are a lot of ways to do this, of course. Geographic targeting relies on detailed demographic data to find clusters of audiences with shared characteristics. Viewing based targeting ties information on spending and online habits to preferred networks and dayparts to determine which inventory in the schedule is most likely to be watched by the preferred consumer segment. The growing wealth of data and increasingly sophisticated delivery mechanisms, from household addressability to programmatic buying, have made it possible for inventory holders such as MVPDs and networks to offer the kind of effective reach that their marketing clients require.

We’ll never see the days when you could reach the majority of Americans with a single buy again. But today’s ad tech makes it possible to still provide the reach to all the ones who might buy the product.