So Much For the Death of TV

05 February 2013 | Blog

Nielsen has released the numbers for global advertising from quarters 1-3 of 2012, and it’s no shock that television is still dominating.

More advertising dollars are spent on TV than on any other medium, and 2012 was a bumper year. In the third quarter alone, TV advertising in North America grew at a rate of 13.6%. TV commands 61.8% of all advertising spending that Nielsen tracks, leading them to note that “television’s increase further cemented its standing as the preferred medium of communication for advertisers.”

Of course, there are caveats. Q3 of 2012 was an exceptionally eventful one here in the U.S.; between the summer Olympics and the U.S. presidential race, everyone was watching TV and every advertiser wanted to take advantage of that. When the Q4 numbers do come out, they’re sure to be lower—as will 2013 in general, in all likelihood. But that does not change the simple fact that TV is the still the best way to reach the most people. Anyone looking to challenge TV as an advertising medium has a lot of ground to make up.