Seth Haberman at TVOT

09 December 2013 | Blog

On Wednesday, Seth will be speaking at the Television of Tomorrow NYC show. Come learn more about the future of TV. Walt Horstman of AudienceXpress will also be a panelist.

12th Floor East
Big Data: Friend or Foe?

This session is the first half of a two-part TVOT NYC 2013 mini-track on Big Data, which brings together some of the most influential experts and thought leaders in that space–as well as executives who have been at the forefront of applying Big Data to television and advertising–in order to elucidate the Big Data phenomenon and to examine its potential impact on programming, advertising and the business and viewer experience of television in general.

Panelists in this debate-driven segment of the mini-track will explore the ways in which Big Data, with its ability to provide insights into viewer behavior, has the potential to have a positive impact on multiple parts of the TV ecosystem, from the creative side, through media planning and buying, to delivery to the viewer. At the same time, the panelists will attempt to ascertain whether the current fascination with Big Data is, in fact, a distraction from what is important in television and could actually be detrimental to the medium–by seducing us into abandoning time-tested business practices and the creativity and originality that make for great programming and advertising, in favor of rigid methodologies borrowed from a science that is still arguably in its infancy and whose relevance to the television experience is still very much up for debate. Panelists include:

  • Bill Feininger, SVP of Media Measurement, FourthWall Media
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (Moderator)
  • Michael Hirschorn, CEO, Ish Entertainment
  • David A. Schweidel, Associate Professor of Marketing, Goizueta Business School, Emory University
  • George Shababb, President, Kantar Media Audiences
  • Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Minds

10th Floor
TV Advertising 2.0 Is Here: Is the Industry Ready?

This session will identify the most significant new technologies, platforms, business models and strategies currently disrupting the TV advertising space, and attempt to determine their potential long-term impacts on that space. Panelists will assess both how ready the established industry is to embrace these emerging phenomena, and how well the providers of new advertising technologies and platforms are catering to the real-world needs of that industry. Panelists will also explore how well technology innovators are evangelizing new advertising technologies to agencies and how effectively agencies in turn are educating brands about the benefits of those technologies. Phenomena to be explored include dynamic ad insertion, programmatic buying, real-time bidding, unified TV/digital buying, big data, targeting/addressability, cross-platform measurement, and more. Panelists include:

  • Matt Bayer, VP of Advanced TV, Magna Global
  • Jane Clarke, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
  • Tim Hanlon, CEO, The Vertere Group (Moderator)
  • Walt Horstman, General Manager, AudienceXpress
  • Rick Mandler, VP of Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Digital Media Group
  • Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales and Marketing, Canoe
  • Dina Roman, SVP of North American Sales,

12th Floor West
Enhanced Advertising on Smart TV’s: Expanding the Category, Pushing the Envelope

Enhanced-TV advertising on the first screen, while it has received comparatively little coverage in the trade press, is now actually in fairly wide use–though still far from mainstream: companies that have deployed it in the US include Comcast, Cablevision, Dish, DirecTV and TiVo, among others. This session will provide an overview and assessment of deployments to date, and attempt to determine the impact of a new entrant into this already-developed field: automatic content recognition (ACR)-powered enhanced-TV advertising on smart TV’s. Questions to be addressed include: What are agencies and brands seeking from single-screen enhanced-TV advertising, and how successful has it proved to date? What business and creative opportunities are presented by the emergence of ACR-powered enhanced-TV advertising on smart TV’s, and what challenges will have to be overcome to ensure its wide deployment? How and when will single-screen enhanced-TV advertising achieve critical mass and become a standard weapon in the marketing arsenals of brands and agencies? And what kinds of new, single-screen interactive advertising experiences should we expect to see in the coming months and years? Panelists include:

  • Rob Aksman, Chief Experience Officer, BrightLine
  • Andrew Bloom, SVP of Strategic Business Development, DG
  • Michael Collette, CEO, Cognitive Networks
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World
  • Roger Keating, Senior Vice President, Hearst Television
  • Larry Samuels, Senior Partner/Director of Advanced Television, GroupM
  • Wendell Wenjen, Director of Smart TV Advertising and Interactive TV Platforms, LG Electronics