Root for the Home Team

28 August 2013 | Blog

We’ve talked about a lot of the different audiences that advertisers are going after, beyond the traditional demographics. Addressable advertising can be used to reach specific income brackets, family situations, and of course the always-cited cat and dog owners. But the Cynopsis Sports Business Summit brought up a new one that we haven’t discussed before: sports fans.

In “8 Trends to Watch in Sports Business”, Kaylee Hultgren notes that along with Big Data and other trends, addressable advertising is going to increasingly play a role.

Stephen Espinoza, evp and gm, sports and event programming for Showtime Networks maintained that addressable advertising will be a major disruptive force, given its ability to target specific groups of fans. “The cable ops have been most innovative with this,” he said. It will require a different process of selling and ultimately create a “better value sell.”

It’s a great point. Here in New York, for example, an ad praising the Yankees is unlikely to do well in a Mets-heavy neighborhood. On the household level, addressable advertising shows even more promise.  Maybe that New Yorker is actually a transplant from Atlanta. With anonymized viewing data, it will someday be possible to reach Braves fans, no matter where they live. Automated systems make it possible to traffic the right ads to the right fans, painlessly. So we’ll all be able to root for our home team…even if our home team is a thousand miles away.