Remember Google TV Ads? We Sure Do

25 January 2016 | Blog, Industry Buzz

Back in 2009, Google came to our offices in Midtown, NYC with a special request.  Little did we know at the time, this “little” request would be a major contributing factor to the rise of the programmatic TV industry.

The request?  They wanted to use Visible World’s automated proprietary technology, deployed across all major MVPD’s in the country, to customize and target television ads efficiently.  Our proprietary technology or “Gateways” live next to the traffic and billing systems at all major MVPD’s across the country.  This allows us to truly automate and insert dynamic ads into available inventory.  Google knew we were the only ones who could do this and they wanted in.

Because Google had been so firmly entrenched in the digital space, they wanted the execution of Google TV Ads to be highly automated, but realized that reality fell short of their expectations. Although Google ended up retreating from its TV Ads mission, our partnership made us increasingly aware of the unique capabilities our advanced TV ad tech enables.  Thus began the manifestation of what ultimately evolved into AudienceXpress, a fully automated, true programmatic TV buying platform.

Companies that have been in the digital industry sometimes think that moving into the linear TV space is a piece of cake, but in truth, they’re working with metrics, timelines and legacy systems that are distinctly different from digital.  Once this realization hits, the initial reaction from the digital folks tends to be that TV needs to move into the digital age. From the perspective of the TV networks and MVPDs, they recognize the need to evolve but are not about to rip out their current systems.

This is why it’s important to team up with a technology provider that not only understands the positive impact of a digital programmatic model, but also has full knowledge of the linear television landscape and, not to mention, a good rapport with the TV industry at large.  This proprietary knowledge is how programmatic TV will truly grow and improve in the future.

Author: Brittany Coriaty, Marketing Associate