Reaction Wheel: “Automated Ad Buying is Already Mainstream, Whether Most Marketers Understand it or Not”

04 April 2014 | Industry Buzz

Earlier this week, AdAge and the Wall Street Journal both reported on an ANA report that showed that up to 44% of marketers report they don’t understand programmatic buying. On Reaction Wheel, Jerry Neumann had a rebuttal, pointing out that just because a large number of marketers don’t know what it means doesn’t mean that programmatic doesn’t have legs–according to the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle, we’re already into the early majority for digital programmatic buying.

In the adoption of programmatic ad buying, we’re past the innovation stage, we’re past the early adoption phase, and we’re well into the early majority phase. That we’re in the early majority phase is important, because these are the customers that are using the technology not because they like the new new thing and not because they are willing to take big risks to get big rewards, but because they are pragmatists: they make business decisions based purely on what is best for their business. As such, they are trusted by everyone else in the market, and what they do carries enormous weight as others make their decisions about whether to use the technology or not.

TV programmatic buying is on a curve a little behind digital. But watching programmatic buying as a whole shows a lot of momentum.