Plays Well With Others: Cross-platform Advertising

14 October 2014 | Blog

Plays well with othersOne of the key ideas from last month’s Advertising Week was the increased emphasis on multi-platform advertising. The old silos are breaking down. At one panel, advertisers nearly laughed at the idea of doing a TV campaign without an accompanying digital and social campaign. The future is integrating across channels and platforms to form a single marketing strategy.

TV is going to continue to be a big part of this—the unparalleled reach of television ensures that it will continue to take a huge share of budget and attention. But the old ways of doing TV just aren’t going to cut it in the future. We need a new TV, one that behaves a little more like digital. Daily reporting, campaigns that can be changed in real-time, audience buying, metrics that close the loop on attribution—the only way to really tie TV and digital campaigns together is to bring them closer together. Fortunately, some of the tools to do this are already here. Smart TV data, targeted TV advertising, and programmatic selling are all tools for the inventory holder’s toolbox that they can then offer to their advertisers and agencies.

It’s a new era in advertising. And ad tech promises to make TV advertising more powerful than ever before.