Parsing the Media Prognositcators

08 January 2014 | Industry Buzz

Charlene Weisler takes on some of the hyperbole of the TV industry watchers, reporting on the VideoSchmooze Online Video Forum. Among other things, she notes:

Is cord cutting an issue? According to Moffet, cord cutting de-accelerated in 3Q13. That means it is going down, unlike what was reported in the mainstream technology press at the time. The fact that it was misreported as accelerating indicated to Moffet that “it speaks to a desire in the tech press for parables – overthrowing the oppressive MVPDs. But the math tells you otherwise.” Yes, there are those households that are cutting the cord. “There is no question that people are cutting the cord but it is not a torrent. It is a trickle.”

Other topics include Netflix, Pay TV, and bundling.

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