New TV-Set Tech ‘Reminds’ Fickle Viewers Their Show is On

11 September 2013 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links

From Variety

by Brian Steinberg

New smart-TV app tells viewers about a show about to air – even if they’re playing a video game or streaming a movie

TV viewers are using TV sets to watch things that have little to do with the traditional couch-potato players, but one company is experimenting with technology that tries to draw streamers, gamers and surfers back to the screen’s original purpose.

Visible World, a New York specialist in interactive advertising that counts Comcast, WPP and Time Warner among its investors, has been testing a new smart-TV application that turns the screen into an alarm clock of sorts. Viewers who use the technology are reminded when a particular program is on – even if they are playing a video game or watching Hulu or Netflix.

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