Multicultural Means Multi-targeted

28 January 2014 | Blog

As demographics in the United States have shifted, multicultural advertising has become increasingly important. Advertisers are more and more aware that different cultural groups need to be approached on their own terms; as a result, there has been an explosion in agencies and events specifically catering to multicultural marketers.

To appeal to diverse audiences, messages have to be customized. But delivering these messages to the right audience isn’t always easy. Keeping track of multiple audiences while continuing to deliver overarching brand messaging becomes even harder.

Automated targeted TV advertising can help simplify things again. Creative customization templates make it easier to keep unified branding while still extending different messages to different audiences. Incorporating both first and third party data into ad decisioning algorithms takes the guesswork out of trafficking; marketers match each message to its intended demographic segment and the automated system takes care of delivery. Consolidated creative libraries and reporting make it easier for multicultural and traditional branding teams to work together.

Consumers in the US are only going to continue growing more diverse. Creating messages that resonate with different groups will only become more challenging. But getting those messages to the right groups doesn’t have to be part of the challenge.