Multichannel News: How Big Will Programmatic TV Get? #NYCTVWK”

13 November 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

Multichannel News covered this morning’s NYC Television Week panel, “Will Programmatic TV Automate the Future of Advertising?”

The future of TV advertising will involve more automated, programmatic models as audiences continue to become more fragmented, but few in the industry  believe that programmatic will completely take over how ads are bought and sold.
Visible World CEO Seth Haberman, who was on the panel, contributed some key insights on the role that programmatic will play in the TV ecosystem.
Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World, a company that runs a programmatic division called AudienceXpress, agreed that the there continues to be a high value assigned to buying TV advertising based on content, but there’s also value that advertisers can yield from programmatic models as they try to reach more diverse audiences. “But it does start with automation,” he said, believing that more traditional Upfront models and programmatic methods can coexist.
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