Moving ahead with tru2way

14 December 2011 | Blog

Addressable television technology is a very real part of the advertising ecosystem, and Visible World’s work to enable it tru2way compatibility is a perfect example. Earlier this month we announced how we’re making it even easier for operators to deploy addressable technology and that highlighted our commitment to deliver ways for our cable partners to enhance their advertising capabilities.

Visible World announced the release of a tru2way compliant addressable advertising solution that makes it easier for cable operators to deploy addressable advertising in their systems. That advancement was a powerful combination of tru2way’s scale and Visible World’s addressable advertising system. We’re enabling marketers to target their television commercials to relevant audiences based on customized demographic segmentation data. The advancement further showcases how cable operators can now easily meet the growing demand for marketing their own targeted messages, services and products across the platform.

Major US cable operators are deploying tru2way-enabled devices across their footprint, creating a national standardized middleware platform for interactivity and advertising applications. Visible World’s technology easily integrates into these devices, allowing it to be deployed across a rapidly growing number of subscribers.

Our work with tru2way is an amazing step forward in bringing addressable television technology to cable operators, marketers, and advertising agencies. With each advancement, we’re delivering new ways for them to apply highly accurate audience and demographic data to television advertising campaigns. Advertisers can use general demographic data, industry specific data, or their own proprietary data, and use it to deliver different messages to different sets of households. The system works for television ads that are viewed live as well as those that are viewed during broadcast replayed through a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Adding tru2way-support is a key step in the on-going process of scaling the addressable advertising footprint to more devices and to a larger audience. Visible World can now provide an addressable advertising solution on a range of middleware solutions across a range of television devices. Those range from basic digital TV receivers to advanced set top boxes with DVR capabilities and include Home Gateways running tru2way middleware.

Tru2way technology provides a powerful platform for new television devices, enabling new user interfaces, new device architectures, and also new capabilities for interactivity and advanced advertising. And as we continue to take advantage of this platform, we also continue to position television as the best medium to not only reach millions of homes, but to interact with the most appropriate audiences.