More on the Importance of Big Data and Segmentation

13 August 2013 | Blog

We were fascinated to see the results of our Big Data research reveal a 70% lift in conversions when the advertiser used targeted TV ads instead of sending the same ads to everyone. But we’re not the only one who’s noticed the importance of data and segmentation in marketing these days. A recent Blue Kai study shows that advertisers are increasingly aware of the importance of data-driven marketing and targeting.

Some of the important findings:

  • 91% of marketers and publishers say that data is of primary importance for segmentation and targeting their marketing efforts
  • 78% think data increases their conversion and acquisition performance, while 71% cite the “ability to deliver of more relevant messaging to more finely segmented audiences”
  • 90%+ want “to integrate more data and audience information into their marketing initiative over the next 6-12 months”

Advertisers are increasingly aware of the importance of audience data for segmentation, and the research data increasingly reveals that segmentation works. We’re at an exciting intersection of awareness and technological progress, as Big Data not only makes targeting possible, but proves how effective it can be.