More on Political TV Advertising

25 February 2014 | Blog

MediaPost’s Marketing:politics blog is quickly becoming an incredibly valuable resource for political advertisers. A recent article, “Electoral Math: Your Campaign in Digital”, seems to miss an obvious solution, though. Ray Kingman notes:

Traditionally, candidates have used television to increase name recognition, but in every election cycle this seems to be getting harder. Cable TV and news audiences are getting smaller and more partisan all the time and campaigns don’t want to spend TV money preaching to the converted. Introducing a candidate to voters requires spreading the buy across many different channels and time slots. With a 30-second spot during a prime-time cable news show costing at least $1,500 — and delivering a reach of less than 2% at the state level — campaigns can burn through big bucks without moving name recognition needle.

Kingman then goes on to suggested targeted email as a possible solution. It’s a good idea, but it dismisses the obvious solution. Targeting the buy and the ad to appeal to those niche audiences isn’t actually that hard to do. Candidates have traditionally used television because it works better than other mediums. As audiences fragment, the solution isn’t to abandon TV but to adapt, meeting those audiences. Impression-based audience planning and customized creative makes it possible to mobilize the base, convert the independents, and increase that coveted name recognition.