Meet Visible World’s New Team Members

02 January 2012 | Blog

Just before the holidays, we introduced the new leaders in media and data who have joined our company to help us help the TV industry meet the evolving demands of data-driven advanced advertising.

We welcomed Scott Falconer as Chief Operating Officer and Dave Nussbaum as Vice President of Media Solutions at a time when Visible World continues to work with companies across the TV industry on advanced solutions for customizing delivery of targeted TV advertising.

Over the last few years, we have been building a team which has the critical understanding of audiences and data and how they interact to make advertising more relevant and for TV audiences. Both Scott and Dave have already become integral parts of building out the TV industry’s evolution toward more advanced ways to engage audiences.

Scott joins Visible World following a career in technology that spans mobile, internet, video, and telephony. Among a career highlighted by positions at Booz Allen Hamilton and Goldman Sachs, Falconer also brings to Visible World highly practical perspective gained through his consumer marketing experience as Executive Vice President of Nutrisystem as well as Executive Vice President at AOL Mobile.

Dave will lead business development as part of Visible World’s ongoing work to provide platforms that deliver and addressable TV solutions. Nussbaum’s background in targeting and measuring audiences and his insight into applying audience behavior and demographics will enable Visible World’s clients to continue creating advertising campaigns that are more effective and efficient.

We’re looking forward to working with both Scott and Dave in 2012 and into the future as we all work toward evolving TV advertising.