MediaPost: “For Millennials, WOM Is A Big Driver For New TV Viewing Choices”

27 August 2014 | Industry Buzz

From MediaPost, more evidence of the power of program promotion through TV ads:

More than seven in 10 viewers (72%) find out about new summer TV shows by seeing commercials on TV — significantly more than those who use reviews online and in print (28%), word of mouth (22%), radio or online streaming spots (17%), and outdoor media (8%).

Although both men (71%) and women (74%) primarily learn about new shows through TV ads, men are more likely than women to seek information through online and print reviews (22% vs. 35%).

TV ads also are the preferred channel across all age groups, although the Silent Generation (50%) is notably less likely to rely on them than Millennials (73%), Generation X (73%), and Boomers (75%). Rather, those in the Silent Generation (44%) are more likely to be swayed to watch new TV shows through online and print reviews.

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