MediaPost: “Data Meets TV, And They Get Along”

09 May 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

A hat-tip from MediaPost’s new Audience Buying Insider about Visible World’s work in household addressable TV advertising:

What has changed?

First, TV data. Many TV advertisers have embraced targeting data with the same gusto that digital did back in the mid-2000s. Advertisers can now use demographic data much richer than age/sex for their TV campaigns. They can use past purchases (“own a certain make/model of car”; “Tide loyalist”). They can even use data sourced from the Internet: the in-market or retargeting data that’s been the secret weapon of Internet media performance.

Second, TV technology. Many operators are now running healthy addressable advertising businesses (yes, the proper household addressable advertising we’ve been holding our breath for since 2008). This is thanks to the bridges built by TV-tech companies Invidi and Visible World (and thanks, presumably, to the patience of their investors). For addressable advertising, the challenge is no longer mere evangelism (no, really, we can do this, and it’s good for you). The challenge is scaling operations to meet demand.

Programmatic, too, is enjoying rapid growth.

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